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Upcoming Reiki Classes at Om Chakra

Reiki is the universal healing light and energy that is available to each of us for rejuvenation, restoration and transformation.  As everything is energy…. and energy shifts through life experiences, we require balancing to maintain a loving heart space and joyful well-being. The power of Reiki reminds us that we are our own true healers within and all that is required is to be attuned to this knowing.  Om Chakra offers Reiki Classes facilitated by Mona Thiel, Usui Holy Fire 3 Master Reiki of Level 1, 2 and Master Reiki classes and a practitioner of Reiki for 15 years.  

Reiki Level 1- includes a day of exploring the history and techniques of Reiki, a study of the energy centers of our body called the Chakras, the practical application and attunement of Reiki and giving and receiving energy healing.  Upon completion of this class you will be a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki Level 2- brings the practitioner to the next level of healing through the powerful Reiki symbols and how to integrate them within your practice.  This level of study and attunement also offers the ability to Reiki heal through the power of intuition and the use of crystals. Upon completion of this class you will be a  Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

Master Level Reiki- is spiritually manifesting Reiki through “Being Reiki”.  Mona facilitates a powerful three day ART/ Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master course of training based on the International Center of Reiki  manual, materials and attunements.  Master students explore their own individual spiritual path and alignment as each bring forth the mental, emotional and spiritual realms of their healing practice to full master integration. Upon completion of this class you will be a  Master Level Practitioner and Teacher. (ART may be done separately by individual request)

The upcoming dates for our classes are:

Level I,  Sunday, April 11th                                                                  9:00am-3:30pm   $150.00  

Level II, Sunday, April 18th                                                                  9:00am-3:30pm   $250.00

Customized classes available and Usui Holy Fire 3 Master Classes available by appointment.

Classes are small in order to create an intimate and empowering connection. All classes include a manual and certificate of completion. Reiki is all the loving energy that you are as you expand in the healing knowing of how to bring it forth to others.  Receive it as a gift to yourself and others by contacting Om Chakra at 301-228-3392 or emailing Mona at

"Learning Reiki with Mona has been such a growth experience for me. Mona is a "heart" person.  Her heart is full and she embodies what Reiki energy is all about." G.L.

"I have taken Reiki I and II classes with Reiki Master Teacher Mona Thiel, a person that radiates with love, light, compassion and generosity.  What an amazing life changing experience it has been to learn from her." A.C.


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