Reiki is a natural stress reduction and relaxation treatment that supports our return to health, harmony, peace and well-being.  A Reiki treatment helps you by quieting the mind, balancing emotions and reducing and releasing tension, anxiety and physical pain.  Reiki supports our healing in every way ….physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

The word reiki (pronounced ray-kee) means "universal life force energy", that which gives life to and inspirits all things. We are alive because life force is flowing within our bodies, minds, and spirits.  It also flows around us in a field of energy known as the aura.  Sometimes energy blockages occur within us through our busy and sometimes stressful lives. Reiki helps to remove energy blockages and restore the flow of energy, thereby stimulating and accelerating the body’s own natural healing abilities and the natural movement and return to wellness and balance.  Reiki encourages deep complete healing and relaxation, while addressing both the symptoms and the cause of discomfort without any negative side effects. 

During a treatment session, a Reiki practitioner gently places their hands in different positions on or slightly above the body, while the client lays fully clothed on a massage table. The Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) flows through the practitioner into the client.   Clients arise from a session feeling deeply relaxed and report that pain and tension are noticeably reduced or gone.  Science confirms that most illness is caused by stress and tension.  As we release the stress and relax, the body can begin to discharge the trauma, imbalance or illness, allowing deep and lasting healing to take place.

Please see below for a list of benefits of receiving a Reiki treatment

·        Decreases or relieves physical pain

·        Helps reduce and release feelings of anxiety, stress, tension, depression

·        Facilitates relaxation and restful sleep

·        Strengthens the immune system

·        Aids in cleansing toxins from the body

·        Supports times of transition such as grieving

·        Supports and accelerates healing after surgery and medical procedures

·        Reduces side effects from chemo and radiation therapies

·        Helps during withdrawal from smoking and substance abuse

·        Deepens your spiritual connection  

Reiki is a well-respected part of integrative and complementary health care.  Because it promotes  healing and wholeness while supporting traditional medicine, Reiki is available through trained practitioners at holistic healing centers like Om Chakra and in large metropolitan healthcare centers and hospitals throughout the world.  Our Reiki practitioners look forward to the opportunity to serve you through the healing power of Reiki!



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